Tomb Raider iPad Fun

It doesn't get much better than this. If you own an iPad, then you know that it offers some of the most visually appealing graphics of any device. The vibrancy of the colors and the eye-popping looks of the graphics are simply unparalleled by other mobile devices - and often even by computer screens. This is really the most amazing feature of the iPad, and it's the reason that an iPad slots game like Tomb Raider is simply astounding.

Being with Tomb Raider

Playing Tomb Raider at the iPad casino is a piece of cake. You simply go to the iPad casino location where you want to play, download Tomb Raider with the easy-to-follow directions that are provided, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Just like playing at the mobile casino, the iPad casino offers you great chances to win at Tomb Raider and great ways to enjoy the game. The Tomb Raider iPad slots game follows the same format as the online slots game. You'll see that it is a five reel, 15 payline iPad slots game with the wild and scatter symbols, the bonus round and more.

More iPad Slots Fun

Tomb Raider on the iPad offers you the same 32 possible winning chances just as the web casino game does. It has amazing payouts for iPad slots and includes all of the vividly detailed symbols. You'll enjoy the visual effect of the Tomb Raider logo, the tigers, the idols, the playing cards and many other symbols. The game is actually enhanced on the iPad slots format since the iPad is able to offer such a visually appealing format.

iPad Casino Fun

And, it's important to understand that you'll receive all of the mobile casino benefits with Tomb Raider that you would with an online casino. So, for instance, if the iPad casino site is offering a sign-up bonus, or if they have a monthly promotion, you are as much a part of that as you would be at the online casino. You are treated in just the same way and you have all of the same advantages with the iPad slots Tomb Raider format that you had with the online version.

iPad Slots Fun

You really can't imagine how awesome Tomb Raider is at the iPad casino until you see it for yourself. Come and see what the iPad is all about and get in the game today!