Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a fun and engaging video poker game that can now be enjoyed as one of the iPad casino games. One of the assets of the iPad is its vivid use of color, and the iPad casino makes for a truly enjoyable experience for Jacks or Better. Playing Jacks or Better is fast-paced and full of fun, allowing you to enjoy yourself on the go from the iPad casino today!

How Jacks or Better Works

When you start out with iPad casino games like Jacks or Better, you first select how many credits you want to play. You use the Bet One or Bet Max buttons. You'll see a payout chart above the cards and this will show you the potential payout for each of the winning hand combinations and the number of credits that you can expect for each combination. Then, the cards will be dealt for you and you'll decide which cards to keep by clicking on them. You'll then click the "Deal" button and the cards you don't want will be replaced. Of course, what makes it "Jacks or Better" is that you need to get a pair of Jacks or something even better in order to win.

Checking on Winnings with Jacks or Better

You'll see, then, if you've won your Jacks or Better hand at the iPad casino. You'll then get a chance for a "Double or Nothing" draw. A Double or Nothing draw means that the dealer will show just one card and you pick a card from the four that are face down. If the card that you picked is higher than the dealer's card, you've won and doubled your credits. If the card is lower, then you've lost. You can play Double or Nothing as often as you want and enjoy doubling your winnings when you can!

iPad Casino Games

Jacks or Better is one of the more entertaining iPad casino games. It has vivid colors and a fast pace to it and lends itself to being played on the go with the iPad casino. When you play Jacks or Better, you'll enjoy yourself with the quick hands, the fast results and the chance to keep playing more and more times. Enjoy the iPad casino portability and fun today with Jacks or Better. It's one of the iPad casino games you definitely won't want to miss!